Friday, October 10, 2014

Picture a Lesson

So I was thinking:  I love to write and I love photography.  How can I put these two things together to create a cohesive blog entry for this week?

Well, I could use this forum to set up a lesson in photography.  A step by step guide to taking the best pictures of your life.  A tutorial for students.  Easy to follow with pictures added and the opportunity for feedback or questions.

The Blog could be used to showcase the best of the photography tips and the worst when things go wrong. It can also give information on how to correct basic mistakes in the post-production of photography.

Blogging allows lessons to be learned and with a personal touch from the writer.  I could share my most frustrating experiences and anecdotes that my students might find entertaining and informative.

And just for fun, here is a Sneak Peek of my work.  This is a photo from a Photo Session this week:

Monday, October 6, 2014


Sometimes as a Blogger, I find myself asking myself, "Is this blog-worthy?"  Is what I am about to written worth it for my intended audience?  Will it have any impact?  Will I have anything new or interesting to say?

Successful collaborative blogging requires consistency.  Regular updates.  Regular checking-in.  The blogger has to be connected with his or her readers.  Quick to reply.  Quick to engage the reader.  If students have questions, they should feel like their inquiries are addressed. Topics should be interesting and should serve a purpose.  In education, a blogworthy post should encourage additional investigation.  

So what do you find blogworthy? As an educator,what might entice your readers?